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The school provides most up to date facilities to ensure the learning process is an enjoyable experience for the students.

ICT in the classrooms

The school to enrich the child & learning by driving technology into the classroom. Teachers are trained to leverage technology and build on experiential learning for the child. Continuous enhancement programmes for teachers have been blended into the teaching process. Teachers are thus up to date on syllabus as well as teaching and assessment techniques. Classrooms are equipped with interactive devices and Digitally, a content platform that provides e-learning content for all grades. This content helps the teacher in making the classroom very engaging and interactive. The process of cognitive learning that is followed in the i-classroom ensures that the child learns the concepts thoroughly and retains the knowledge for a very long period of time.

Techno - Edge

In the present era of information technology where one has to keep pace with the massive advancement in the field of computers, the School has a well-equipped computer laboratory. Students have easy access to the latest in the field of technology including the multimedia range of computers and the internet. Apart from the ICT enabled classroom, students are trained on a number of tools that they are likely to use in their day-to- day activities. They are encouraged to build their reports and journals using supervised internet facilities.
The students are taught Java, HTML, C++, Oracle and other technology platforms as per the curricular requirements.

Science Laboratories

The school has distinct and separate science laboratories for practical sessions in Physics, Chemistry and Biology, in accordance with the curriculum. All classes in the school have regular laboratory sessions in the curriculum.

Sports facilities

An array of excellent sports facilities which include basketball and football are ensured by the highest standards of professional trainers. More physical activities are ensured as a part of the academic programme.Every child gets an opportunity to participate in competitive athletics and co-scholastic. In fact, in Grades I to VII sessions are dedicated to sports, games and activities through ‘EduSports- a health and wellness programme’.
Snapshot of EduSports programme: 

  • Use of structured physical and sports activities as a pedagogical tool for developing mental skills, behavioural skills, and physical conditioning in the children.

 This programme will cover:

  •  Fundamental motor skills of children in Pre- Primary grades
  • Modified sports in grades III and IV
  • Formal sports- grades V and upwards


  1. The structured programme is executed with age-appropriate props/ equipments designed to be inclusive.
  2. The programme also includes detailed skill/ health assessments for each child.


The school has a well-resourced library with a variety of periodicals, journals, magazines, newsletters, fiction, reference books and volumes of encyclopedias.

The Creative Space

The school offers students a stimulating learning environment with a variety of features and facilities. The students get an opportunity to indulge in activities that foster and enhance their creativity and help induce divergent thinking.
The school has various clubs and associations which cater to the diverse interests of the students, like the Literary club, Drawing club, Music, Dance, Karate and sports Club. 

School Cinema

A film based learning module for Grades I to VIII to reaffirm values, morals and equip children with skills to deal with everyday challenges.

V Star

It’s a project with virtues, moral principles and a firm foundation in discipline, respect, and perseverance.

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